200031: Cultural Memory of a Historic Block Vol 1

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Author: Chen Shidong;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 30 x 21.4 x 2.8 cm
Page: 224
Publication Date: 12/2017
ISBN: 9787544478588
Publisher: Shanghai Education Press
Series: 200031: Cultural Memory of a Historic Block
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Sample pages of 200031: Cultural Memory of a Historic Block Vol 1 (ISBN:9787544478588)

He was smart and cautious and that"rotten meat must stay in the soup"was his pet phrase He was adept at talking business with foreigners,oFten deciding a business at table or at banquet where he placed an order for a few used foreign ships to dismantle the steel plates.But there were also times when he played below par.Once he ordered 40—foot long bamboo steels from a foreign company while he mispronounced"forty"as"fourteen",resulting in the shortage of 26 feet in length for each.Fortunately he had quick wits to sell these steels to architectures in need of short steels,managing to remedy the careless mistake.Moreover he had a liking for land property business,believing that"land is safe from flood and fire".His purchase of the land on Wuyuan Road which was the seat ofthe"Italian Club"was primarily not for the purpose ofresidence,but for the purpose ofapplying for more loans based on mortgage of the land to set up factories or to put out to lease for rentals.
After the fall of Shanghai,he firmly rejected the requirements in the face of the Japanese invaders who conspired to annex fus iron plant.In the beginning he rented his factory buildings to others and later simply closed it up.When the Japanese aggressors failed in the conspiracy,they framed a case against him in 1942 that he had business dealings with the Chongqing government so that he was arrested and imprisoned.Two weeks later,his wife resorted to their connections and spent two gold bars to succeed in redeeming him.
200031: Cultural Memory of a Historic Block Vol 1