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Environmental protection under the Belt and Road initiative: China's main documents, laws and regulations on environmental protection: 2016
ISBN: 9787119105055 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 01/2017

China's Road and Prospect:record of the 5th World Forum on China Studies
ISBN: 9787508526850 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 09/2013

500 Basic Chinese Characters A speedy elementary course
ISBN: 7800524604 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2006 | Reviews:
One of the most difficult tasks in learning Chinese is the mastery of Chinese characters. For beginners, Chinese characters are difficult to...

New Standard Chinese - Elementary Level (2 Books) (2 Books + 5 CDs)
ISBN: 7301077777(1);7301077785(2) | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 11/2004 | Series: New Standard Chinese
New Standard Chinese Elementary Level teaches the vocabulary and grammar appropriate for HSK level 1-3. In addition to basic words and practical...

Road: Chinese Conversation for Foreigners (2 Books + 4 Cassettes)
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 06/2002
This book is designed to teach conversation skills to Chinese language learners in a hurry. "Chinese Conversations For Foreigners" includes...

A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road: Railway Passenger Transportation
ISBN: 9787113265885 | Publisher: China Railway Press | Published on 01/2021 | Series: A Series of Textbooks on Railway Transportation for the Belt and Road

Experiencing Chinese - Elementary School 5 Flash Cards
ISBN: 9787040279085 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 04/2010 | Series: Experiencing Chinese for Elementary School

Manual de Chines Língua Não Materna A Course in International Chinese Elementary 1
ISBN: 9787100191456 | Publisher: The Commercial Press | Published on 11/2020 | Series: Manual de Chines Língua Não Materna

Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese Writers: Salt Road - A Breathtaking and Intriguing Story
ISBN: 9787500159612 | Publisher: China Translation and Publishing Corporation | Published on 09/2018 | Series: Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese writers

Elementary Spoken Chinese 1&2 (2nd Edition)- 2 Books & 2CDs
ISBN: 7301066287(Book1);7301066294(Book2) | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 10/2004 | Series: Elementary Spoken Chinese
This set of popular textbooks has been published 10 times. Published by Peking Unvervisty. It is the second edition. There are two volumes to help...