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Happy Chinese: Wall Charts
ISBN: 9787107174001 | Published on 11/2013 | Series: Happy Chinese
《快乐汉语》是中国国家汉办的一套重点汉语教材,使用对象是海外11-16岁中小学生,曾被国家汉办评为“2006年度最受欢迎的国际汉语教材” 、“2010年优秀国际汉语教材奖”。  ...

Kuaile Hanyu Elementary: Affiches Pedagogiques (French Version)
ISBN: 9787107220197 | Published on 06/2009 | Series: Kuaile Hanyu French Version
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Learn Chinese with Me (2nd Edition) Vol 1: Tests Package
ISBN: 9787107324048 | Published on 11/2018 | Series: Learn Chinese with Me (2nd Edition)

Official Examination Papers of CTCSOL (2021)
ISBN: 9787107362019 | Published on 11/2021

Learn Chinese with Me Vol 4: Chinese Character Cards
ISBN: 9787107208638 | Published on 11/2007 | Series: LEARN CHINESE WITH ME

Aprende Chino Conmigo - para los principiantes(Libro del estudiante)
ISBN: 9787107220517 | Published on 08/2009

Chinese Reader (Zhongwen Duben) Vol 3
ISBN: 9787107145612 | Published on 07/2001 | Series: Zhongwen Duben | Reviews:
《中文读本》是一套泛读教材,共3册。这套读本精选若干富有情趣的文章,生词新语有相应的英文翻译,文后有小笑话、小幽默、小故事、古诗词等,妙趣横生,寓教于乐。本套教材也可与《标准中文》第三级配套使用。 Chinese Reader is a set of extensive reading...
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Learn Chinese With Me: Chinese Character Cards (For Beginners)
ISBN: 9787107223334 | Published on 11/2009
Learn Chinese With Me:Chinese Character Cards focuses on children's needs of life and study.Through the study, children can learn some simple...
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The Law of Chinese Characters
ISBN: 7107193945 | Published on 03/2006
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A Guide on the Interview Portion of the Certificate Examination for Teacher of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
ISBN: 9787107312823 | Published on 11/2016

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