National Palace Museum (Taipei)

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Special Exhibition of Ch'ing Dynasty Enamelled Porcelains of the Imperial Ateliers
ISBN: 9789575621254 | Published on 12/1994 | Reviews:

Stunning Decorative Porcelains from Ch'ien-Lung Reign
ISBN: 9789575625429 | Published on 09/2008
The NPM has the largest collection of the fa-lang-ts'ai porcelains from the Ch'ien-lung reign, which contains more then five hundred pieces....

The Decorated Porcelains of Dingzhou: White Ding Wares from the Collection of the National Palace Museum Special Exhibition
ISBN: 9789575626945 | Published on 01/2014
The Ding wares are one of the most important white porcelains in Chinese ceramics history. They have earned the name because they had come from the...

The Enchanting Splendor of vases and Planters : A Special Exhibition of Flower Vessels from the Ming and Qing Dynasties
ISBN: 9789575627188 | Published on 11/2014

The Essence of Life: Painted Enamels from the Qing Imperial Palace
ISBN: 9789575626150 | Published on 04/2012
This book begins with the study of art pieces to breaking down the three different stages of feats and accomplishments by emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng,...

The Magic of Kncaded Clay
ISBN: 9575627121 | Published on 01/2014
<摶泥幻化>陶瓷展乃根據故宮博物院典藏切入,觀察各個時期、各個窯口的不同釉彩變遷,及官樣裝飾在不同階段的發展。 圖錄依序分成「新石器時代至五代」、「宋至元」、「明」和「清」四個章節。 「新石器時代至五代」呈現陶瓷器由原始到成熟的階段。 宋金元時期則從生活美學的角度,來看各個窯口瓷器的裝飾與美感。...

The Magic of Kneaded Clay-Ceramic Collection of the National Palace Museum
ISBN: 9789575627126 | Published on 09/2014
Most ceramics at the National Palace Museum came from the Qing imperial court and passed many places before moved to Taiwan. Originally from the...

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