Book Series: Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition)

With the adoption of real-time progress tracking and learning efficacy testing, the main goal of “Great Wall Chinese“ is to cultivate Chinese communication skills utilizing textbooks, workbooks, network-based multimedia courseware and an online smart system.

Scientifically Graded
“Great Wall Chinese“ textbooks are divided into three grades: Essentials in Communication, Progression in Communication, and Fluency in Communication. Each grade contains six sets of textbooks and workbooks that gradually increase in difficulty.

Wide-Ranging and Commonly Discussed Topics
The stories that are featured in “Great Wall Chinese“ cover topics that are divided into four themes: Start a Business, Love, Legend, and Modern Times. These themes cover several aspects of contemporary Chinese social life, including the economy, culture, sports, ethics, and more.

Lively and Interesting Texts
The stories feature distinct characters and compelling plots. With everyday language that is authentic and natural, the textbooks seamlessly integrate language learning into the plot of each story.

Diverse Resources
The textbook kits provide comprehensive support for both teachers and students. Each includes an online smart system, teaching courseware, teaching demonstrations, and audio texts.

Based on academic-research results and extensive feedback from teachers and learners, our project team has revised Great Wall Chinese to adapt to changes in Chinese language education.

Meeting Authoritative Teaching Standards
Great Wall Chinese meets the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education.

Textbooks with New and Stylistic Structure
● The Newly Featured Key Points
Aiming to improve learning efficiency, a Key Points section is included at the beginning of each unit.
● The Newly Featured Culture Corner
To increase exposure to aspects of Chinese culture, a Culture Corner is included at the end of each unit.
● The Newly Featured Grammar and Communication Points
To help learners understand typical grammar and pragmatics rules, Grammar and Communication Points are included after text.

The Incorporation of Contemporary Chinese Culture
The new textbooks are up to date with modern Chinese culture. Updated texts cover various aspects including clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

●The Smart System
This system provides a full range of services for colleges, teachers, and learners and is supported by a smart teaching management platform to assist with teaching, learning, management, testing, and evaluation.
● Teaching Courseware
To improve efficiency, teaching courseware is provided to help teachers make lesson preparation easier.
● Teaching Demonstration
Teaching demonstrations are provided to help teachers utilize multiple teaching methods and make better use of textbooks and resources.
● Textbook Audio
Standard recordings are provided to help learners master Chinese word pronunciation.

Track Series

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Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) 5: Textbook
ISBN: 9787521323122 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2021

Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) 6: Textbook
ISBN: 9787521323009 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2021