Meaning of 煤

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Pinyin: méi
English Definition: coal; Classifiers:
Chinese Definition:

Total strokes: 13; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (fire) conveys the meaning.
Character Formation:
  • Left to right
    • [ huǒ ] fire, flame; to burn; anger, rage
    • [ mǒu ] some, someone; a certain thing or person
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 煤
Example Words:
煤炭 [ méi tàn ]: coal
煤矿 [ méi kuàng ]: coal mine; coal seam
煤油 [ méi yóu ]: kerosene
煤气 [ méi ]: coal gas; gas (fuel)
元煤 [ yuán méi ]: variant of 原煤
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