Meaning of 飞檐走壁

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fēi yán zǒu (Trad.: 飛檐走壁)
to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)
Example Sentences
Characters leap over rooftops, walk up walls, and cross swords in breathtaking duels.
Do you know the spider man who has super power and skills in this popular film?He could climb on the wall of any high buildings freely and rapidly.
Actually, we have a group of such Kungfu heroes on West Lake. They are famous for their capability of leaping onto roofs and vaulting walls.
In a back alley, a player runs up the side of a wall while chasing down a ball.
Pawn Lv when four mothers fly to a palace wall, a disturbance , she are in utero already fly from house to house and walk on walls , relaxed get away.