Meaning of 顾恺之

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kǎi zhī (Trad.: 顧愷之)
Gu Kaizhi or Ku K'aichih (346-407), famous painter of Eastern Jin dynasty, one of the Four Great Painters of the Six dynasties 六朝四大家
Example Sentences
It is said to go back to the painter Ku K'ai-chi, who lived in the fourth century AD.
This story demonstrates that Gu was skillful at drawing surroundings that enhanced the characteristics of the painted figures.
However, his theory of "spirit out of form" in his aesthetics has left a great impact upon and a big controversy among future generations.
Which focused on the Gu Kaizhi's "vivid" and "Fanny would have to move" on the "Lo River Map" in the concrete embodiment.
According to historical records, Gu created more than 70 paintings based on historical stories, Buddha, human figures, birds, animals, mountains and rivers.