Meaning of 雕梁画栋

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diāo liáng huà dòng (Trad.: 雕梁畫棟)
richly ornamented (building)
Related Words
Antonyms: 蓬门荜户
Example Sentences
Quiet yard The small building with 3 floors has beam with carving and painting which has both north and south style of folk houses. How refined the quality of art is.
In this elegant designed, ancient-flavored, richly-painted Temple Theatre, the greatest experience is the short distance with the performers.
In the corner At each corner of the Imperial city and Prime minister's mansion, there is carving beams of roof and gallery, which are all designed by heart.
The urban construction of Tianjin is characterized not merely by large numbers of Chinese-style buildings with the painted beamscarved girders, lots of new unique Western-style buildings.
The terrace with carved beams and painted rafters is a folk stage with royal style. Such a style can match Mazu's status.