Meaning of 隔绝

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jué (Trad.: 隔絕)
isolated (from the world); disconnected
Related Words
Synonym: 断绝 隔断 隔离
Antonyms: 接触 接近 相通
Example Sentences
If it can be developed for practical use "it could benefit families that have no access to electricity, especially those living in very isolated areas," he said.
More than a quarter regularly drink too much and many isolate themselves from friends and family: almost a half had not left their homes for a long period and more than a quarter had lost friends.
I don't know how these people go on for food when they are cut off by snow for days on end.
Living in a countryside tends to insulate us from the outside world.
We deal with the weather, which is something most people don' t do, as they' re cut off from the world in their glass and metal boxes.