Meaning of 陕甘

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shǎn gān (Trad.: 陝甘)
Shaanxi and Gansu provinces
Example Sentences
They cannot use the Chinese written language but they keep speaking Shaanxi-Gansu dialect in their daily life, which is understood by Chinese from Gansu and Shaanxi provinces.
Therefore the author chooses the propitious design patterns on decorations of the guild hall of Shanxi-Shaanxi-Gansu province as the object, and launches the case study.
The North East army led by Zhang Xueliang and the 17th Route Army led by Yang Hucheng was deployed to Shaanxi-Gansu district to attack the Red Army.
Shaanxi and Gansu outlined Chuan's hub, since ancient times for Longyou portal, strategic position and business center.
Balikun is one of the earliest settlers in Xinjiang of Qing Dynasty, mainly Shanxi and Gansu immigrants.