Meaning of 阿尔都塞

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ā ěr dōu sāi (Trad.: 阿爾都塞)
surname Althusser; Louis Pierre Althusser 路易 ·皮埃爾 ·路易 ·皮埃尔 ·阿尔都塞 (1918-1990), Marxist philosopher
Example Sentences
Mao's concepts provide crucial inspiration for Althusser's critique of capitalist modernity, and open up a problematics latent in theory and practice, namely the search for alternative modernity.
At the end of the essay, the author compares the ideological theory of Zizek, Althusser, Marx, and analyses the"ideological nature" creatively.
This article focuses on the multiple theoretical logics in the youth Althusser s philosophical thoughts.
As the kernel of Althusser s theory, "Theoretical anti-humanism" represents a feature of the argument.
This is what the author has learned from the "contrapuntal reading" method advocated by Edward Said and the "symptomatic reading" instead of "sympathetic reading" preferred by Louis Althusser.