Meaning of 闭塞

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(Trad.: 閉塞)
to stop up; to close up; hard to get to; out of the way; inaccessible; unenlightened; blocking
Related Words
Synonym: 阻塞 封闭
Example Sentences
A century ago, you were but a minor port on the Yangtze, a backwater of south-central China with a slightly different name, Chungking.
"A long period of sanctions from the West has resulted in poverty and a closing up of the country, " the newspaper wrote.
In some contexts it can be used to refer to any sort of occlusive vascular disease anywhere in the body, except the heart.
Criticize later - Or some part of your mind may feel threatened and shut up and withdraw. Just let ideas flow out, don´t try to censor yourself or worry about how silly the ideas may be.
My difficulty, which lasted for nearly 20 years, was the result of a mental block.