Meaning of 配合

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matching; fitting in with; compatible with; to correspond; to fit; to conform to; rapport; to coordinate with; to act in concert with; to cooperate; to become man and wife; to combine parts of machine
Related Words
Antonyms: 反对 打扰 刁难
Example Sentences
Sitting together in a circle as everyone had a chance to speak, we all began to realize that none of us was alone in our struggle to cope with our reactions.
It feels like the links are working with you instead of against you.
She followed the movement of his hand with her head, like a horse.
If your mind works hard all day, your body needs to match those efforts.
I help him sometimes with his French homework, though, if I let him, he will interrupt the conjugations to give me a play-by-play analysis of whatever game Cal has just played.