Meaning of 邙山

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máng shān
Mt Mang at Luoyang in Henan, with many Han, Wei and Jin dynasty royal tombs
Example Sentences
For reference: Mount Beimang, located in Luoyang, is believed an ideal place for cemeteries because numerous imperial tombs are placed there.
Since the Tang Dynasty, Chinese Beimang Mountain belief and literary works about Beimang Mountain deeply affected the korean peninsula people;
Mount Mangshan in the north suburbs is the site of China's largest ancient tomb group that consists mainly of imperial mausoleums, the oldest dating back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.
Taking Zhaoxiayu section, Mangshan, Zhengzhou as an example, this paper has studied the volumetric weight of loess palaeosol sequences and its relation with susceptibility as well as its grain size .
The epitaph of Tuguhun Ji was excavated in Mount Mangshan, Luoyang, which offers us the important historical materials about his life and the relations between Tuguhun and Northern Wei dynasty.