Meaning of 迟疑

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chí (Trad.: 遲疑)
to hesitate
Related Words
Synonym: 踌躇 犹豫 彷徨
Example Sentences
He stumbled for a while and went back.
You will know it if you do not hesitate to go out with them, do things with them and allow yourself to enjoy every moment being with them.
'It was only my whim, ' he said; and, after a moment's hesitation: 'It was on account of a discovery I made some little time ago, whilst I was hunting up pedigrees for the new county history.
So when a friend called to ask if I would like to cycle home from Switzerland with him, my hesitation was brief.
"You have to get comfortable doing it, or you' ll hesitate when you see someone in particular who you want to talk to," says RoAne.