Meaning of 辱骂

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(Trad.: 辱罵)
to insult; to revile; abuse; vituperation
Related Words
Synonym: 唾骂 詈骂 咒骂
Example Sentences
"I don't want people to call her (her daughter) a bastard and abuse my brothers.My brothers won't have honour in our society until he marries me," she says.
Do not feed people who insult you with comebacks or satisfy them with your discontent.
But our minds are not evolved to think about strangers, and we obsess, needlessly, about what people think of us and how these insults will diminish us in the eyes of others.
Which is why I sometimes go into the garden and insult the weeds.
"She' s always been extremely abusive of me and my siblings, " she said, as I recall. "Once, on my birthday, she left me a message wishing that I get a disease.