Meaning of 辗转

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zhǎn zhuǎn (Trad.: 輾轉)
to toss about in bed; from person to person; indirectly; to wander
Related Words
Synonym: 迂回 曲折
Antonyms: 直接
Example Sentences
Most of the residents, however, were miners who traveled from all over the country to work temporarily, then head elsewhere.
How it became so intricately associated with moon worship and the Midautumn Festival -- no one can say for certain.
"The Tale of Genji" rewards perseverance, but just as young Genji flits from one mistress to the next, so the reader can choose between the three English versions of the story.
Researchers have tossed around theoretical calculations of using just aluminum and water for rocket propellant in the past.
The coffin was moved among several different hiding places around the tomb over succeeding years, at one point under a pile of lumber.