Meaning of 贻误

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(Trad.: 貽誤)
to affect adversely; to delay or hinder; to waste (an opportunity); to mislead
Example Sentences
Every time a person' s potential is deferred or squandered, whether here or abroad, it is a tragedy.
Any delay in the clean-up poses problems, as radioactive particles may seep into groundwater and contaminate crops.
As the recent debt-ceiling fiasco in the U.S. and the continued haggling in the euro zone over the Greek crisis show, the West is, like Japan, kicking the can down the road.
During the chaos of the authorities' bungled operation, two circus employees attempt to secretly take seven of the youngest girls away from the circus compound, through a side gate.
Facial nerve always happens after outer injury paralytic person should high vigilance has the possibility that denies face tetanus, lest bungle illness.