Meaning of 贪赃枉法

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tān zāng wǎng (Trad.: 貪贓枉法)
corruption and abuse of the law (idiom); to take bribes and bend the law
Example Sentences
Many officials who took bribes and bent the law were extremely frightened by this. Therefore , they dared not go out and commit other outrages.
We employed those action not only to maintain the normal production and living but also to root out the social evils like the corruption, the venality and the dishonesty.
For many Chinese, daily life remains a grim struggle, and their government rapacious, arbitrary and corrupt (see article).
All the officials no longer dared to take bribes or disobey the law but to work hard; all the dukes repeated their loyalty to the king, and those who took the king's land returned it right away.
Although "Cangfa" achieved some results to some extent, corruption had not been deterred, because many officials were motivated to take bribes and cronyism by huge personal benefits.