Meaning of 负荆请罪

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jīng qǐng zuì (Trad.: 負荊請罪)
lit. to bring a bramble and ask for punishment (idiom); fig. to offer sb a humble apology
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Antonyms: 兴师问罪
Example Sentences
You'd better go and make amends to him. I'm sure he'll forgive you.
E. g:I lost my mother's the most beloved jewelry. I must offer a humble apology to her.
Later the husband regret conscientiously, came to his mother-in-law's family to offer a humble apology, pray the wife going back, swear to get along well with her forever.
Ordinarily I is for his reckless to offer a humble apology, because even the lame leg on stage, may influence the appearance of a city.
Most of all, official China has very little affinity for the public-bow-of-abject-apology, which Japanese corporate executives have raised to a form of public theatre.