Meaning of 诬蔑

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miè (Trad.: 誣衊)
to slander; to smear; to vilify
Related Words
Synonym: 毁谤 诽谤 污蔑
Antonyms: 吹捧
Example Sentences
But a new study finds that such questions are one reason singles, particularly women, often feel stigmatized in the workplace.
We welcome all well-intentioned cooperation and assistance in our endeavor. At the same time, we stand firmly against any vicious slandering and defamation.
But David is trying to get that promotion by hook or by crook; he even spread rumors smearing the other candidates.
He was accused of a crime he did not commit. He was scared so he fled and joined Dominican missionaries abroad.
Libel is broadly defined as a false and defamatory statement made to a third party about another individual, with the potential to harm the subject' s reputation.