Meaning of 诚挚

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chéng zhì (Trad.: 誠摯)
sincere; cordial
Related Words
Synonym: 真挚 诚笃 真诚
Antonyms: 虚伪 虚假
Example Sentences
The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common interest in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.
Let me begin by expressing sincere thanks to the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) for awarding me this honorary doctorate.
All the leadership and parents to extend a warm welcome sincere thanks to preschool education undertakings, thank you for the concern and support.
Let me start by extending my warmest congratulations on the holding of the workshop and my sincere welcome to the delegates and friends from both home and abroad.
If you must decline at the last minute, please notify the host prior to the event or first thing the next day with sincere regrets.