Meaning of 褶皱

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zhě zhòu (Trad.: 褶皺)
fold; crease; wrinkle; geological fold
Example Sentences
Your baby is looking more and more like a newborn, just a little smaller, a little thinner and a little more wrinkled.
There were bodies under the garments ... they became three dimensional, you could see the folds of the garments, the expressions of the faces.
Alternatively, we can dispense with the layers of sorrow, and interpret autism as but one more wrinkle in the fabric of humanity.
The folded, meandering surface allows the brain to pack in more surface area - and thus, more processing power - into the limited confines of the skull.
I love the soothing sound of a steam iron as it glides back and forth removing wrinkles and sending back a clean, fresh smell.