Meaning of 虚与委蛇

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wēi (Trad.: 虛與委蛇)
pretense at complying (idiom); sham gestures of politeness
Example Sentences
False, that is exaggerated, insincere, courteously but without sincerity, cover-up.
Obama has dodged the responsibility of his elected position by simply stating "present" rather than studying the issues before him and making an intelligent decision.
Middle East cognoscenti were speculating furiously ahead of the president's speech at the State Department on Thursday over whether he would utter them or fudge.
Over time, it became apparent that the US would not live up to its commitment, owing, as now, to opposition in the Senate.
The idea of recalcitrant utilities balking at Beijing' s dictates might seem to contradict the popular perception of China' s government-guided economy.