Meaning of 蔚为大观

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wèi wéi guān (Trad.: 蔚為大觀)
to afford a magnificent sight (idiom); enchanting
Example Sentences
Through a long course of development, Jinan dish has reached as much as several thousand species, plus flavor snacks, the quantity is enormous.
At the same time, the theory of "five colors" was embedded among common people, and became their custom and was widely spread as people's common sense and common thinking mode.
The new servers are so much more powerful and use so much less electricity that the payback on the investment -- even if economic growth doesn't pick up -- makes the buy a no-brainer.
Bottom writing is the novel creation picture which presents an impressive sight at the beginning of the new century in China current literature creation.
In his astonishingly prescient book, "The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy, " David M. Smick argues that we have inherited an impressive global economic system. It, with the U.