Meaning of 范仲淹

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fàn zhòng yān
Fan Zhongyan (989-1052), minister of Northern Song who led the failed reform of 1043, author of On Yueyang Tower 岳阳楼记
Example Sentences
Sixth story. Fan Zhongyan ruined Ji delimit porridge.
Inscribed on it is an essay written by Fan Zhongyan, a literary giant of the Northern Song Dynasty, in praise of Yan Ziling.
According to "History of Song", Zhang Zai was 21 years old when he submitted a written statement to Fan Zhongyan.
Fangongci:Fan Zhongyan, Song Suzhou Wuxian, the word Gershwin, among large and medium-sized Xiangfu cite shipwrecks.
Fan Zhongyan also said, "Don't be obsessed with material benefits, and don't be sad for meaningless defamations ."