Meaning of 芦荟

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huì (Trad.: 蘆薈)
aloe vera
Example Sentences
I' ve used it for a week at night and I love the texture of my aloe goo and not the smell but do you think it can lighten my acne scars?
"Last year, I used six to seven applications and this year, after observing my field, I used commercial pesticides only three times and biopesticides like neem and aloe vera twice.
If you have a live aloe vera plant in the house, cut the leaf lengthwise and remove the pulp - avoid the yellow juice near the leaf surface.
There' s no real evidence to prove aloe really works on acne scars, but there' s at least a theoretical mechanism by which is might work.
You can make a mask with lavender oil and aloe vera gel at home for yourself, it would be better.