Meaning of 舒缓

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shū huǎn (Trad.: 舒緩)
to ease (tension); to relax; to cause sth to relax; to alleviate; relaxed; easy and unhurried; leisurely; soothing; mild (slope)
Related Words
Synonym: 急促
Antonyms: 缓慢 从容
Example Sentences
A cup of herbal tea or warm milk can also be soothing, but skip those if they cause you to wake at night to go to the bathroom.
One, it helps them relax and relieve stress, so this is perhaps the principal reason.
So is listening to some soothing classical music.
Listen to the music you love. The right melodies for you can soothe frayed nerves.
These may include getting a little exercise or making the room very dark at night or spending the time before bed in a soothing activity.