Meaning of 舒坦

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shū tan
comfortable; at ease
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Antonyms: 难过 憋闭
Example Sentences
As soon as I stopped calling myself Debbie, I felt more comfortable with myself ... and other people started to take me more seriously.
It was a day that had lots of sunshine but l sensed something wrong. Now my sons and daughters were in my oldest son' s house having a party.
Are you comfortable in this seat?
The following day passed very pleasantly, and the next was tolerably comfortable; but on the third it became necessary for him to think of getting food for his wife, and, perhaps, for children.
Why do we want to force clutter on our loved ones, oblige them to find a spot in their already cluttered homes for this gift we' ve given them, so they won' t offend us when we come to visit?