Meaning of 肩负

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jiān (Trad.: 肩負)
to shoulder (a burden); to bear; to suffer (a disadvantage)
Related Words
Synonym: 负担 负责
Example Sentences
As large developing nations, both sides shoulder the common task of developing their respective countries and promoting common progress of mankind and share broad common interest.
China argues that rich countries are responsible for most of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and so should shoulder most of the burden of reducing them.
EU and China hold the identical position on establishing the effective multilateralism and shoulder the common responsibility of maintaining world peace and development.
My answer is most of us really don't want sympathy What we really want is continuing serving our country, take the leadership we have and keep serving.
A: As an important member of Asia Pacific, China, along with other countries, shoulders the important task of safeguarding regional prosperity and stability.