Meaning of 罗刹

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luó chà (Trad.: 羅剎)
demon in Buddhism; poltergeist in temple that plays tricks on monks and has a taste for their food
Example Sentences
"What?"Always can not bear a lonely month Luo Cha to contest first query a way.
In these stories there is a Luocha story which appears the most frequently in Buddhist canons.
But if one man among them calls the name of Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva, then the entire group will all be saved from the throes of the Rakshashas.
Listen to week talk after the speech of gentleman and month Luo Cha, together work properly the curiosity of son and come up.
"BE what?"Month Luo the Cha tooth Yang Yang the ground is malicious to stare at to stop short the language intentionally tease them not of thousand rather minister.