Meaning of 绥芬河

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suí fēn (Trad.: 綏芬河)
Suifenhe River; Suifenhe county level city in Mudanjiang 牡丹江 , Heilongjiang
Example Sentences
The picture shows the export of agricultural machine to Russia through Suifenhe Port.
Displaying by computing and experiment:the temperature gradient of Suifenhe cable-stayed bridge concrete box girder is higher in summer more than winter;
The meeting in Suifenhe capped several months of increased contacts between the political parties.
An experiment was conducted to analyse the sensitivity of some design parameters in construction monitoring of cable- stayed bridge taking Suifenhe rotational cable-stayed bridge as an example.
There is the site of Far East Railway Station in the city, near the urban district there is boundary monument between China and Russia, you can look Russian sentry over fireguard.