Meaning of 糟蹋

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to waste; to defile; to abuse; to insult; to defile; to trample on; to wreck; also pr. [zao1 ta5]
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Synonym: 浪费 践踏 奢侈
Example Sentences
Now I don't do that anymore because I realize it takes a toil on the health in the long run.
Why it's an essence that so often spoils, no one can say.
It is next to impossible to get a first-class mechanic; he has not learned his trade; he has picked it up, and botches everything he touches, spoiling good material and wasting valuable time.
Common wisdom holds that when we share information about a story or plot that is important, it somehow "spoils" the story (hence the term, spoilers).
These things affect Western workers too, of course, but honestly, most of us learned how to deal with rejection, getting dumped, getting wasted or playing too many video games in our teenage years.