Meaning of 簇拥

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yōng (Trad.: 簇擁)
to crowd around; to escort
Related Words
Synonym: 蜂拥
Example Sentences
When we sit in the stands, I have so many people come up to me and tell me not just what a good player he is but what a good citizen he is and how helpful he is.
Our school is beautiful. Our teaching building is surrounded with trees and flowers.
Groups of reporters and admirers are often on hand to watch the event. There have been no attempts to interfere with the Toaster or to unmask him - most likely out of respect for the tradition.
Think back to the difference between the crowds at Chicago' s Grant Park on election night and those clustered at the Biltmore in Arizona.
These stars are packed so closely together in a ball, approximately 150 light-years across, that they will spend their entire lives whirling around in the cluster.