Meaning of 笑脸

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xiào liǎn (Trad.: 笑臉)
smiling face; smiley :) ☺; Classifiers:
Related Words
Synonym: 笑貌 笑容
Example Sentences
Yes, as you may have, okay, maybe I could have, I see the smiles that there's something interesting in the comment.
Every one could see the joy in her smiling face.
Then I could have one of those little white houses in some New England town, and there would be a sun porch and a salary; and when I got to school there would be these happy faces longing to see me!
You take your food and plop in front of the television to find the same stupid smiley rolling down the isles of a Wal-mart ad, bringing customers shopping cheer as they peruse the super store.
Put on a smile at meetings and appointments and people will react to you differently.