Meaning of 竹筒

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zhú tǒng
bamboo tube; bamboo pipe
Example Sentences
While walking down from the stage, I received my first bamboo bank from, coincidently Guo Xiang SG.
Much of the ink in the bottle had evaporated from lack of use, and few of the brushes in the bamboo container were in good shape now.
The wine son then dismantles the burden of small short horseback, from in take out a tube-shaped vessel, also have the Huang Li Mu, Moncler Veste, square, the box.
In this front courtyard left side, you may free receive the bamboo tube to carry on ask the bamboo slip.
Volunteers handed out aid to the victims, many of whom took home bamboo coin banks, so they could give back to Tzu Chi once they get back on the feet again.