Meaning of 空地

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Pinyin: kōng
English Definition: air-to-surface (missile)
Pinyin: kòng
English Definition: vacant land; open space
Related Words
Synonym: 空隙 空位 旷地
Example Sentences
The practice of meditation, for which one needs "only the ground beneath one's feet" wipes out mountains of junk being pumped into the mind by, "communications" and supermarket universities.
We walk on. As we walk over the rise I seethe Meadow laid out before us, and Henry is standing in the clearing.
These days the most sought-after tables are hidden away, several floors above ground, in the city' s high-rise apartments, which are run by chefs out of their own homes or from rented spaces..
So far they have finished one yard, a large vacant lot on Henry Street.
This space was prepared for building a multi-story car park.