Meaning of 磨练

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liàn (Trad.: 磨練)
to temper oneself; to steel oneself; self-discipline; endurance
Related Words
Synonym: 考验 锻炼
Example Sentences
"I should have been more of an equal and helped him hone his social skills, which I feel he still lacks, " he says.
In many ways, as constricting as my upbringing was at times, now I'm grateful that I had both cultures, not only to enlarge my sense of the world, but to hone myself against.
Stress is an integral part of daily life that allows us to hone our coping skills.
They will face a much less crowded field and their managers will have honed their moneymaking skills in the harshest of all environments.
Shelter dogs were not nearly as good as pampered house pooches, demonstrating that exposure to humans allows dogs to hone their natural people-reading skills more.