Meaning of 硕果

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shuò guǒ (Trad.: 碩果)
major achievement; great work; triumphant success
Example Sentences
Whatever the source of Edison's inspiration, his work at Menlo Park bore fruit in 1877, and by early 1878, word of the Phonograph's invention was out.
Jia believed that with joint efforts of both sides, bilateral relations will surely make greater progress and mutually beneficial cooperation will necessarily bear more fruits.
He expressed belief that with the joint efforts by both sides, China-Germany partnership of global responsibility will continuously bear new fruits.
Sometimes international meetings sow the seeds of understandings that, over time, bear policy fruit. But most times what you see is what you get.
At my last APEC meeting I thought the effort had borne fruit, not simply in specific agreements, but also in building an institution that tied the United States to Asia in the new century.