Meaning of 石家庄

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shí jiā zhuāng (Trad.: 石家莊)
Shijiazhuang prefecture level city and capital of Hebei Province 河北省 in north China
Example Sentences
Let's see what young lovers are preparing for the upcoming occasion in Shijiazhuang of Hebei Province.
To mention a few... the girl who helped me to find Chengdu railway station, the old man who helped to get down from train in Shijiazhuang, the hotel-assistant, who helped to find city map etc , etc.
The stretch from Beijing to Shijiazhuang, Hebei' s capital, forms the northernmost end of what is intended to be the central route of three south-north channels.
Her mother moved to Shijiazhuang subsequently.
Shops are springing up not only in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in unglamorous provincial cities such as Hefei and Shijiazhuang.