Meaning of 瞻前顾后

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zhān qián hòu (Trad.: 瞻前顧後)
to look forward and back; to consider prudently; overcautious
Example Sentences
I was afraid of what a stepmother would do to a girl, but perhaps a woman would have made a difference, he said, less guarded and more talkative now in his old age.
She believes Papandreou is afraid. She adds that if he were not afraid, he would have done things differently.
"People who deliberate FULLY before they take a step will spend their lives on one leg".
Do you believe that this concept applies to life as well, in that, if we just trusted our gut instincts and never second-guessed ourselves, life would run more smoothly for us?
I feel old and have to leave, wishing I were young enough not to care.