Meaning of 玲珑剔透

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líng lóng tòu (Trad.: 玲瓏剔透)
exquisitely made; very clever
Example Sentences
Always love this absurd to assume that Perhaps the only way you can let us all around the left right before and seen repeatedly refined and shiny.
She was a delicate girl who hated household chores. Therefore, he shouldered most of the housework and took good care of her and indulged her.
Paper cut in South China is well known for its exquisite, elegant, realistic style.
Both the exquisiteness of the boccaro teapots made in south China, and the shockingly beautiful sculptures by Clay Sculptor Zhang of Tianjin--aren't they all smiles of the earth?
Yuan Wang Monastery, as a pair of exquisite visible relief, inlaid in the Ren-million cliff, look at the last Monastery, a great wish to fly the air force.