Meaning of 玉兰

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lán (Trad.: 玉蘭)
Yulan magnolia
Example Sentences
This emotional turmoil is personified in the character of Yulan, a young woman who goes mad after being raped by the Japanese and accuses the missionaries of collaboration.
In the ad Cameron says: "So if you're not ready for cosmetic injections, but want dramatically younger-looking skin, try Olay Regenerist with pentapeptides.
Maybe you will forget the Chinese redbuds and the magnolia trees in our campus or maybe you will remember the people and the beauty of here until long last after you leave school.
To keep your cardiovascular system young, consume unsaturated and non-hydrogenated (trans) vegetable oils, such as olive oil (monounsaturated), walnut oil (polyunsaturated) and flax seeds.
A pedestrian passes a magnolia tree in bloom as it snows in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.