Meaning of 狡诈

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jiǎo zhà (Trad.: 狡詐)
craft; cunning; deceitful
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Synonym: 狡猾 狡黠
Antonyms: 老实 憨厚 淳厚
Example Sentences
And as we have learned to our dismay over the years, we are seldom as crafty as our adversaries.
In order to understand these animalsâ?#8482; mastery of the art of deception, we should first have an idea why they have this cunning ability
The Web is an effective customer research channel, because you can do customer research online in the most subtle ways.
A more sophisticated view does not worry about the size of bonuses, as long as they attract sufficiently brilliant people.
However, they confronted with pressures from angry voters, who urge them to protect local employment and keep away the fox foreigners.