Meaning of 狙击

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(Trad.: 狙擊)
to snipe (shoot from hiding)
Related Words
Synonym: 偷袭
Example Sentences
Special sniper bullets and explosive ordnance are used. Shells are quite expensive, by the way.
Swim across a river to sneak past soldiers, snipe them from a distance or steal a turreted jeep and start firing.
In the north of the city an armoured column is reported to comeunder fire from several sniper teams while marines try unsuccessfullyto clear Taliban fighters from a bazaar in the centre of the city.
Later on, when the commandos came under intense sniper fire, Millin pressed forward, rallying the troops behind him.
We cannot know what is going through the mind of crazed ex-despot Muammar Gaddafi as he continues to flee Nato bombs and rebel snipers - but we can have a good guess.