Meaning of 炽热

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chì (Trad.: 熾熱)
red-hot; glowing; blazing; (fig.) passionate
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Antonyms: 寒冷 冰冷
Example Sentences
They marry, and the Queen, appalled at this turn of events, is further humiliated by being given a pair of red-hot iron shoes that she's required to dance in until she dies.
Now amid the rush to alternative energies, geothermal advocates sense a new chance to mine the heat rising from Earth's white-hot core.
Fate is it not warm or hot pot of boiling water it?
True, he never made love to her, nor did the clear gray eyes ever glow with that hot light Scarlett knew so well in other men.
The end came with a shear of light in the eastern sky, a brilliant incandescence a million times brighter than the sun.