Meaning of 灵敏

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líng mǐn (Trad.: 靈敏)
smart; clever; sensitive; keen; quick; sharp
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Synonym: 伶俐 机灵
Antonyms: 迟钝
Example Sentences
It's like a dog - I know it's this direction.
They would start to worry if they didn't hear from their partner soon. It's almost like they have a very sensitive alarm system.
Thankfully he' s growing up to be a well balanced, sensitive and grounded kid, so I guess I'm doing something right somewhere," she says.
According to research, the new test is not only more sensitive and more specific than current techniques but, crucially for developing countries, is also simpler and more cost-effective.
He was disciplined and intelligent; he had great negotiating skills and the ability to keep up with and follow through on many things at once.