Meaning of 激荡

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dàng (Trad.: 激盪)
to rage; to dash; to surge; also written 激荡 ; to rage; to dash; to surge
Related Words
Synonym: 荡漾 动荡
Antonyms: 平静
Example Sentences
To see it instills in us a sense of hope that the longing for freedom that beats in the heart of every human being can be realized in our time.
Whatever kind of landscape you are shooting, think about what the essential qualities are - and not just the visual ones; think about how the place makes you feel, what kind of emotions it stirs in you.
His gifts to the cultural record are also underscored by his unmistakable voice that echoes through the hearts and minds of movie lovers around the world.
For all the heat, even IMF officials admit that the Chinese model for African development has some advantages.
How pure and righteous they are and how passionately storm-drenched was your adolescence.