Meaning of 滞销

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zhì xiāo (Trad.: 滯銷)
to sell poorly; unmarketable; slow-moving (product, inventory etc)
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Example Sentences
In England fans who placed multiple internet orders hoping they might get tickets for at least some games are now burdened with unwanted and possibly unsalable tickets.
In other words, you may be presenting yourself as an opportunity to unload a bit of slow-moving inventory.
But now the U.S. holiday season clearly looks to be the worst in decades, and the result will be a huge overhang of unsold Chinese goods.
Hotels have exacerbated the problem by being always on sale, by offering discount rates on discount rates, and by treating all inventory as distressed inventory.
At the retail or intermediary level, returns often come back due to slow-moving stock, end-of-season inventory adjustments, or as a means to release capital so customers can buy more from your firm.